Commissioning & Start-Up

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Commissioning & Start-up

Commissioning and Start-up is one of the vital stages of any project, ensuring that production and operation can officially begin in the project..

This process aims to verify that the facilities are constructed and assembled correctly and that they are safe, reliable and competent for their required tasks.

The experienced, competent and motivated PETROCAP team ensures the accurate and precise execution of all commissioning and start-up steps, and thus the delivery of a plant that is ready to begin operation from all aspects, including safety, correct installation, verification of equipment functions and professional handover.



is a provider of integrated commissioning & start-up services, thus professionally bridging the gap between design, construction and operation.

Documentation, drawings & start-up procedures

Step 01

Installation Supervision

Step 02

Quality Control

Step 03

Verification of equipment safety, functionality & performance

Step 04