All activities associated with the provision of services supplied by Petrocap to their customers, shall be governed by a Quality System complying with the stipulations of ISO 9001:2000, Petrocap Management will maintain an effective Quality System by:

Petrocap management commits its best efforts to achieve the following targets:

Establishing clear, measurable Quality objectives in all areas of operation.

Continually monitor, review and strive to improve the Quality System and process.

Our customers are our lifeline we will establish partnerships at all levels with our clients so that we completely understand customer requirements.

Meet all mandatory requirements whether Local, National and International for regulations and statutes wherever we work.

Reduce our impact upon the environment through adjusting aspects of our performance.

Raise awareness among all the employees, to ensure that they are aware of the contribution that we make towards the client, their safety and the impact upon the environment.

Define responsibilities and lines of communication for each department or discipline.