Support and Supply Products

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Support and Supply Products

By shipping your support and supply products along with your wire and cable products in one single shipment, Petrocap can help save you time and money. This means less nonproductive time (inventorying multiple shipments) and more productive time (installation) to make sure the job is completed on time


  1. Lugs
  2. Coax connectors
  3. Armored cable connectors
  4. Medium-voltage terminations and splices
  5. Cord grips

Cable Protection

  1. Wiring duct
  2. Raceway
  3. Abrasion protection
  4. Tubing and sleeving


  1. Tape
  2. Poly pull line
  3. Lacing cord
  4. Cable gel pulling lubricant

Cable Tray

  1. Electrical cable tray
  2. Basket tray

Electrical Enclosures

  1. Commercial
  2. IndustrialArmored cable

Cable Management

  1. Cable ties
  2. J-hooks